WOMAN MADE: Seismic Sisters Art Show

“WOMAN MADE: A Seismic Sisters Art Show” was the centerpiece of a party celebrating the launch of Seismic Sisters Magazine. Hosted at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco on October 12, 2018, the night was filled with art, music by B-Side Brujas, and an unforgettable live performance by Rhodessa Jones. Twenty Bay Area artists, some established and some emerging, contributed to the WOMAN MADE Art Show curated by Tumay Aslay. Neon artist Meryl Pataky and wood sculptor Aleksandra Zee showed pieces alongside fiber artist Hannah Crawford, who brought her “Bust” and “Vocal Chords” sculptures. 

Hailey Gaiser’s glowing “Call Me Mother” painting set the stage for an evening filled with woman power and creative fever. Audrey Bodisco’s exquisite watercolors “Booby Trap” and “No Two Alike” celebrated the beauty and variety of breasts. Louise Alban’s ceramic sculptures “Flow One, Flow All” hovered near paintings and multimedia art by Melanie Alves, including two life-size pillow sculptures of women’s bodies that invited viewers to sit down and reflect their thoughts in a journal. 

Shannon Tallcouch’s luscious red “Fallen Petals” vibrated with energy, as did Olivia Krause’s bright paintings with one named “It’s Not a Date.” Carissa Potter Carlson showed several sweet and lovely illustrations including “May You Feel Safe.” Photographers showed a collection of works, including Lorena Jimenez revealing glimpses of the Tenderloin, Buu with her powerful and sensitive portraits, Ashley Habr with striking portraits of women in Africa, and Tumay Aslay with street photography.

Painter Miranda Evans sold her first piece and is feeling encouraged to fully dive in and make her career in art. Graphic designer Tori Seitelman showed colorful prints in addition to having designed the WOMAN MADE Art Show poster. Conceptual artist Amy Morgenstern capped off the show with her “Becoming Plant” multi-media work of art.

Over 300 guests attended the art party celebrating the launch of Seismic Sisters Magazine. See artist bios and a virtual gallery of the art work at “WOMAN MADE: A Seismic Sisters Art Show.” A portion of proceeds from the art sales went to The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, directed by Rhodessa Jones.


Seismic Sisters
Welcome to our new magazine! 

We are thrilled to present Seismic Sisters magazine - a fresh jolt of feminism for the San Francisco Bay Area! Seismic Sisters shines the spotlight on artists and activists who are shifting culture and shaking things up. We celebrate new leadership styles, audacious demands for change, and politics done different. We see our broken America as the ultimate DIY fix-it project. So like millions of women across the nation, we are rolling up our sleeves to build new infrastructure and institutions to create a more feminist future. Seismic Sisters is the media we want. The media we need. Created by women to give voice, encouragement and credit to women doing the work. Seismic Sisters is a place to make history – and to make sure we don’t get written out of history. And just so you know, we plan to have a good time doing it. Join us! 

Kim Christensen
Seismic Sisters, Editor


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