Kim Christensen is the founder and creative force behind Seismic Sisters magazine, providing a fresh jolt of feminism for the San Francisco Bay Area. Kim has combined her love of journalism, politics and feminism to create a fresh new media platform. The result is Seismic Sisters, her brainchild and new business. Kim is part of a new wave of women who are building the infrastructure we need to shift power and make progress – to move our country forward, not backward. New media is a vital need and Seismic Sisters intends to be a player.  

Tumay Aslay is a Creative Media Specialist at Seismic Sisters magazine. As a fine art photographer trained at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Tumay brings her unique style to grace the pages of Seismic Sisters. Her portrait work is deeply intimate and vibrates with feminine energy. Tumay has also become quick on her feet during marches and demonstrations, as she skillfully captures the feeling and energy of the crowd while walking backwards in heels.



Seismic Sisters elevates and celebrates feminist artists and activists who are shaking things up. We amplify the voices of new leaders and rebels who are shifting culture and changing the landscape. We also give space and r-e-s-p-e-c-t to longtime feminist activists who did the groundwork and are still powering on to create a more feminist future. From girls to grandmas, we need each other, feed each other, and work best together. Seismic Sisters is a mix of clubhouse, news site, and think tank where you come to get informed, inspired, and invigorated to go back out into the world. Our epicenter is San Francisco, but our influence will ripple out beyond the Bay Area.

We are thrilled to present Seismic Sisters magazine - a fresh jolt of feminism for the San Francisco Bay Area! Seismic Sisters shines the spotlight on artists and activists who are shifting culture and shaking things up. We celebrate new leadership styles, audacious demands for change, and politics done different. We see our broken America as the ultimate DIY fix-it project. So like millions of women across the nation, we are rolling up our sleeves to build new infrastructure and institutions to create a more feminist future. Seismic Sisters is the media we want. The media we need. Created by women to give voice, encouragement and credit to women doing the work. Seismic Sisters is a place to make history – and to make sure we don’t get written out of history. And just so you know, we plan to have a good time doing it. Join us!
— Kim Christensen, Editor